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Teens, especially High School Seniors, are brand conscious about their senior pictures just like everything else like the jeans, shirts, and shoes they wear. They'll want to be able to show awesome studio quality senior pictures to their friends and say that they went to an exceptional senior photographer - not to "this guy my mom knows with a new camera..."

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How to Savor Your Senior Year of High School

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It's hard to think of your senior year as the year of 'lasts'. Your last homecoming, your last school musical, your last spirit week, last football game, last prom. You want to make it a year to remember and never regret. Here's some helpful steps on making it special for your as a senior and as an adult looking back.


  1. Take pictures. Carry a camera with you all the time. If you have a digital camera, take it with you, or buy disposable cameras and keep one in your car, in your locker, in your gym bag, in your backpack or purse. You are going to remember all the fun times and inside jokes, but it helps to have something to remember with. Take pictures whenever you can. Make them silly, make them uniquely yours. Don't take it too seriously. When your friends put up the 'I don't want my picture taken' - hand, take a picture of their shoes or their back. Have fun with it.
  2. Save the scraps. If you and your friends have a special hangout spot, take a photo outside. If it's a restaurant, take a printed napkin or coaster that has the logo on it (make sure it's ok to take it, don't take something and get in trouble so you can't come back). Or if it's a skating rink or something like that, take a service menu that has the lessons or the service with the prices. Little things that remind you of that place. Ticket stubs, receipts, flyers of events you went to, playbills, applications - you'll be glad you grabbed it. Make a note on whatever you grabbed- whatever you want to write.
  3. Make your memory place. When you have time to yourself, find a box, scrapbook, notebook, or bag to hold all your photos and scraps. You might want to get some envelopes, construction paper, gift wrap, glue, scissors, tape, markers- whatever you want to mark with. You can make a scrapbook with all your photos and grabs or you can make a memory box, bag or book. Make it special to you. However you want to design or collaborate your memories is up to you.
  4. Make plans to keep in touch. As senior year comes to an end, you have some opportunities to be with all your friends and classmates (senior breakfast, senior picnic, the last days of school). Take an address book and/or notebook with you. Have your friends fill out a section or a page with all their contact information like address, email, online profile and maybe even a little note. Make sure you keep an eye on your book as if floats around, put a sticker or note on the front that says "Return to _______". And make sure if they are moving that you have the future adress also or a way to contact them when they get there. That way you can keep in touch.


  • Buy a yearbook and make sure everyone signs it. This will serve as a sort of time capsule - one you'll probably always cherish.
  • Don't wait until you're a senior to make a collection of photos and memories. Start as soon as you can.
  • Take pictures! You may not like to look at yourself in pictures now but when you're old gray and wrinkled, you'll look back and say "Man I was hot stuff! Why didn't I take more pictures!"
  • Participate in all you can, you only live once.
  • This is your last year in high school so relive memories of early high school with your friends and see if that doesn't bring a tear to your eye
  • Tell that one special teacher how much they have affected your life and how you will miss them very much
  • Try to move on. Don't get 'stuck' in senior year- life is much more than that.


  • If you have photos of people you didnt get along with and don't want to remember, you can include or exclude them from your project. You might laugh about it later... but if it hurts, toss them out. You don't need to remember the bad times. Only include whatever will make you smile.
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